Generally, online dating is considered to be the best way to meet your ‘perfect match’, nevertheless, only a small number of people are actually successful in finding their ‘perfect match’ online. However, there are some simple things to consider that will improve your chances of success in dating online.

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1. Firstly, you should choose the best dating site to suit your own specific dating needs. There is now a growth in niche dating sites, for example Asian dating sites for Asian singles and for people seeking to meet an Asian person for love or friendship or you could consider cougar dating sites for people seeking older women. So when searching for your perfect dating site, the search engines are a great place to start to find a selection of niche dating websites to suit your specific preference.

2. When you find some dating sites that suit you, always visually assess the quality of the sites before joining.

3. Avoid free dating sites if you are generally serious about finding your true match. These types of sites tend to be littered with fake profiles, and are often not taken seriously by their membership. Free trial periods for members are always a good thing, but, always check to see what additional features the sites offer. Do they have a chat room, a forum or blog system, instant flirt messaging etc?

4. Another thing to consider before you decide on a dating site is that many dating sites are being infiltrated by scammers who often make requests for money or your bank account details. So always be cautious when using dating sites in general.

5. Once you’ve made your choice and registered with a dating site, you simply need to create a profile. Always make your profile Keep truthful, but whist making yourself come across as interesting as possible, and be reasonably accurate in describing the type of person you are looking for. Also, including a photograph will always increase your chances of being noticed.

6. When sending messages to other members, always be polite and courteous, especially in the initial stages as first impressions are very important. Always reply to every email you receive from other members, even if only to let them know that you are not interested.

7. Do not give away your bank account or social security details to anyone on a dating website. Do not trust any requests for money from people you only just met online no matter how convincing their story is or how attractive they appear in their photos. Be aware that their photos are often not really of them at all but merely fake photos of a model taken online. If anyone ask you for money, cease all conversations with that person and report them to the dating site administrators.

8. When you start communicating with a member you like, always take your time to get know them well. You should use the opportunity to exchange important information about each other including photographs. However, do not believe all you are told. Trust is something that should come with time.

9. Photographs can sometimes show the date on which they were taken, but be aware that some people will use old photographs to mask their age.  If your chosen dating site uses a video messaging facility, you can get to see your potential date in real time or perhaps by using a video messaging service by Yahoo or Skype which can be useful in determining what your potential date’s looks like.

10. If you finally decide to meet someone on a dating site in person, always arrange to meet them in a busy place, and always keep your first meeting short.

So these are just a few simple but important rules which will hopefully make your experience of online dating a pleasant one. Remember that these are only a simple guide to online dating and not set rules that you have to follow.

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